Born This Way: Meet Hannah Prince 12-year-old entrepreneur headed to the 9th grade

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Have you ever met a kid that made you say to yourself “wow they are SMART”? No? Well, I have! I met a very gifted little girl 11 years ago when she was just 1-years-old. At the age of 3, she was able to tell time. I was beyond blown away. I was able to catch back up with her now at the age of 12, and well I would like for you all to meet her.

Who is she?

Hannah Prince
Media By Prince
Jason Prince

I would like to introduce you all to 12-year-old Hannah Prince. Hannah is the daughter of Delois Prince and Jason & Alexus Prince. Hannah was born on February 18, 2008. She is 12-years-old and currently a rising 9th grader. Hannah is who you would call a genius or little Einstein. 

After being tested at the age of 4, and passing with flying colors, Hannah started Kindergarten. When Hannah got to the 2nd grade they noticed she was far advanced so they moved her to the 3rd grade. Once she was in the 3rd grade she said she took classes with 5th graders. During her 4th grade year, she scored exceptionally high on her benchmarks so they moved her straight to the 5th grade after 2 months.

Growing Up

Photo from Delois Prince Facebook

When you have a gifted child there had to be some point where it was noticed. I asked her father, Jason Prince, when did he and her mother Delois first notice that Hannah was gifted.

We first noticed that she was gifted when she was 3-years-old

Hannah told me that she started reading at the age of 3. She enjoyed reading a lot growing up. When asked if Hannah ever had or needed a tutor growing up, her father said:

No tutor, however she always had a strong interest in learning. She really took off with reading and math when her brother started pre-school. At that time I use to copy his work and she would complete the work along with him. She would catch on and help Nathan. She tutored others when she was in 2nd and 3rd grade. 

Wow! That is very impressive. Imagine a 2nd grader tutoring those in higher grades than herself. Hannah said that she gets her gifts from her mom, “my mom was gifted growing up as well”.

Hannah has an older brother named, Nathan. Hannah is in a higher grade than her brother. He is 13 going to the 8th grade. I asked her parents was it difficult for Nathan to adjust her being in a higher grade?

No it hasn’t been difficult for Nathan. He is actually her biggest supporter. He is very proud of her. They get on each other’s nerves but the love they have for each other is great.- Delois

Nathan supports her fully. I think it’s tough for him sometimes, when she is two steps ahead. They fight like normal brother and sister at times, but they really support each other. – Jason

As parents with a gifted child, in what way did you help Hannah be successful with her academics?

When she was growing up I was very intentional on finding her interests and feeding them. We have always talked about everything, current events, opinions, facts, songs, etc. she loves art, reading, and cooking so I always went out my way to feed those interest. She taught herself how to read on my iPad, and I always made sure I had stories for her to read. Hannah has always been a self starter, I just try to keep good things that will feed her, in front of her. – Jason

Just allowing her to be her own person, providing her with the resources that she needs. Being a support system for her and encouraging her to shine in her own way. She has won spelling bees, geography bees, art contests, even contests at the fair. Also providing assistance when she may be having a challenging time with something. This year Hannah finished as Salutatorian of her class. She is also in Duke TIP and at the age of 11 she took the ACT and scored a 20 out of 36. Most colleges only require an 18 for admission.- Delois

School Life

Hannah recently graduated 8th grade from the Global Scholars Academy.

Photo from Delois Prince Facebook

Hannah will attend Durham School of the Arts. Hannah mentioned that her favorite subject is science because she likes things that are more hands-on, and the least favorite is math even tho she is great at it. I asked her how she felt about being the youngest in her grade and have her classmates treated her any differently.

I have had the same classmates mostly, so they dont treat me different or make me feel any younger than them.

When I asked Hannah how Nathan is handling her being younger but ahead of him, this is what she said:

He says he is proud of me, he don’t have any negative feelings. It’s not weird for me, but I do get annoyed when he ask for help on his homework.

I really wanted to know as parents how it felt to have a child be skipped up 2 grades and be far ahead of her class.

I was proud, and not surprised. Her maturity really eased my nerves. She has always had an “old soul”. I remember being a single dad, she would help me help keep Nathan on track. I remember taking a trip to Atlanta when she was about 6 or 7. She kept a journal of the words she saw, and we would talk about the definitions. I love seeing her challenged. It’s frustrating seeing many elementary schools who don’t really know what to do with gifted kids. It’s a little scary now that she is going to high school. I have to lean on our close relationship and hope that we stay close as she experiences life at a fast pace. – Jason

To be honest I was a little hesitant. But I knew that she would be able it because she has always been very mature for her age, not just socially but academically mature as well.- Delois

The Future

Hannah will be finishing High School at the age of 15 and will be headed to college. Hannah mentioned that she wants to attend Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte, NC to major in Business. She inspires to be a restaurant owner and to start her own culinary business.

Young Entrepreneur

 Hannah started her own business called Gabbi Cakes. When I asked how she came up with that name, she said her middle name is Gabrielle but Gabbi sounded better. Gabbi Cakes sells cakes, cookies, cupcakes, brownies, cake pops, poundcake, sheet cakes, tier cakes, and more.

I actually started this business after my mom and I made a cake for a friend once, and she wanted to pay me to make her another one.

At the young age of 12, Hannah is starting high school and she is a business owner. Talk about #BlackGirlMagic !!!! Be sure to support her business if you are local to the Raleigh/Durham area. Like her business page on Facebook and follow her on Instagram.


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