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In his most recent interview with XXL Magazine, Da Baby introduced his new line up for Billion Dollar Baby entertainment. He introduced 4 new artists that he recently signed to his roster. Out of the 4 new artists, one of them was a lady.

Meet KayyKilo from Baton Rouge. She is the first and only lady signed to Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment. She started gaining heavy buzz with her “Freestyle” and “In My Bag” singles earlier this year. Her single “Bend It” has not only grabbed my attention but the attention of others.

Da Baby uploaded this video to his official Youtube channel earlier this month grabbing almost half a million views.

Da Baby told XXL mag:

KayyKilo is a superstar. Real bright, real vibrant, real ratchet but makes great music. She’ll turn up crazy. She’s one of the girls that the boys will let hang out but respect her enough to not try her or come at her. She got that type of vibe. It make anybody wanna turn up. She got that ‘favorite rapper’ aura about her. That ‘favorite rapper’ vibe.”

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Check out more from XXL magazine’s Winter 2020 issue including an introduction to DaBaby’s Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment label roster, an interview with South Coast Music Group founder Arnold Taylor, who discovered and signed DaBaby, and more.

Da Baby describes her as one of the girls that guys will love to hang out with but will respect her enough to know not to try her. Talk about a BOSS!

I can’t wait for the official rollout of this hot new artist. I am sure with a hot artist like Da Baby in her corner we will see her at the top. KayyKilo shared her exciting news via her official Instagram page.

Bruhh, this shit so hard. I honestly don’t even know what to say but THANK YOU , @dababy I fuck with you & ima do everything you expect me to do nigaa.. TAKEOVER THE WORLD 🌍💫.
And to the whole world I’m on fuckin XXL & I’m just getting started “WELCOME TO THE KARTEL” nigga.
Kilo🌍 .. and I’m doing it for the WHOLE BOOT


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A post shared by KayyKilo KiloKartel (@kayykilo)

Looks like KayyKilo is having fun living life. I love her style already!


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A post shared by KayyKilo KiloKartel (@kayykilo)

Alongside KayyKilo, DaBaby also signed Stunna 4 Vegas (Salisbury, NC), Wisdom (Charlotte, NC), and Rich Dunk (Charlotte, NC).

Check out her other singles on Youtube:


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