Arrange a Wedding Party in a Short Time? You can, here are the tips

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Arrange a Wedding Party in a Short Time? You can, here are the tips

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Every couple must have a dream marriage. From preparing beautiful dates, special wedding concepts, to unique dowries. All must be planned carefully.

Proper preparation usually takes a long time. But the fact is, many couples are forced to have to take care of marriage issues in a short time, for example, less than half a year after the application process.

That can happen due to several causes. First, parents who want their children to get married quickly after the proposal. Second, for reasons of study or working abroad, forcing couples to move to the country, so that marriage was advanced.

The third reason, the wedding date has been determined based on Javanese weton calculations, and that the time is very tight, so you and your partner should immediately prepare for the sacred event, such as a contract or reception.

Do not worry, today, even though the period of preparation for a tight marriage can be arranged. Just use the wedding organizer (WO) service, all matters are settled. However, you and your partner also need to be involved in wedding preparations to suit your desires.

1. Keep calm and in control

When the wedding date has been determined, and it turns out the short time period to prepare it, you and your partner must remain calm. Don’t panic because it can make things chaotic.

If you are calm, cold hearted, and controlled, you and your partner will be able to handle it. Look for a way out even though you know more time and energy will be spent.

For example, the application for June 26, 2019, the wedding date is set for August 26, 2019. That means your preparation is only 2 months. Surely you will immediately be depressed, even consider it impossible to take care of it. But actually calmly, you and your partner will think clearly. Start by arranging what needs to be prepared.

2. Determine Priority Scale

When you have started preparing, determine which are the main priorities and make a timeline. For example, taking care of pre-marriages (documents to RT, RW, kelurahan, kecamatan, and KUA) for the first 3 weeks (because while working). While walking, look for a trusted wedding organizer (WO).

Next, in the 4th week, meet WO to consult about the concept of marriage according to the budget, the location of the event, how many invitations, and others. Weeks 5 and 6, looking for wedding favors, printing invitations, and fitting clothes. Then, make sure again the preparation of WO has reached the extent of the 7th and 8th week. While preparing your mentality towards a happy day.

If the time is tight, just choose the concept of a simple wedding party, but elegant and memorable. No need to be adventurous, it will actually take a long time. Your marriage is delayed or canceled.

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