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Apple is one of the technology companies that produce the most popular and prestigious smartphones in the world, the Iphone. The company bearing the apple that was bitten by Steve Jobs has been established since 1976 often leading elite officials into the ranks of the most influential and richest people in the world according to the world’s most popular magazines such as Forbes and People.

But is the prestige of this Apple brand directly proportional to the welfare of its employees? The answer, very, very directly proportional. Like Google, articles about ‘the pleasure’ of working at Apple have been scattered everywhere. Anything?

The average salary of employees at Apple can reach Rp1.4 billion annually or Rp116 million / month
Special employee discount of 25% for Apple products
Flexible working time
Can work remotely (work from home)
Full coverage for health, dental, eye and life insurance
Reimbursement of funds for employees who are taking part in a healthcare program such as Gym membership
Ration of paid leave is good for special types of vacation, sick or annual leave.
Free breakfast, lunch and dinner to snacks during weekdays
Free shuttle service for employees who live near office buildings
Free apples every day!


This blue bird logo application is one of the most popular social media today. Even Twitter itself is still widely used as the fastest source of information and a measure of popularity for some large companies and is the most widely used commercial and promotional weapon today.

Founded in 2006, this American technology company is not only popular because of its social media but also the benefits it provides to its employees. Being the target of many millennials or generation Y. Here is the benefit of working on Twitter.Inc:

The average salary of employees can reach Rp.2.2 billion per year or Rp183 million per month
Full coverage health and dental insurance
flexible vacation / leave policy
Free breakfast and lunch
Gym membership reimbursement
Free health and exercise programs at the office such as yoga and pilates
Free laundry service
Free shuttle service

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