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The men who were captured on video chasing and gunning down Ahmaud Arbery in February 2020. Have made numerous request for their upcoming murder trial.

According to TMZ, defense attorneys for Travis and Greg McMichael have filed a motion with the court with the request to not refer to Ahmaud as a “victim” in front of the jury. This is because the conclusion should not be made that he was a “victim” before a verdict is reached.


(Travis McMichael, Greg McMichael, and William “Roddie” Bryan Jr., Credit: Glynn County Detention Center)

They argue that no crime has been committed, and they have pleaded “not guilty,” and that they acted in self-defense. They don’t want the term to cause the jurors to form a preconceived image before hearing the defense team’s evidence.


Along with this request, the McMichaels also asked that only one photograph be permitted at trial to show Ahmaud. This has to be a single photo of him with no family or friends in the photos. A third-party witness was requested to identify the Ahmaud; they do not want a family member to be a witness to identify him. They also want Ahmaud’s criminal record to be admissible evidence presented in court.

(Ahmaud and his mom, Photo Credit: Arbery Family)

The final request was that no BLM face masks be permitted in court. The judge has not decided on the requests made by the defense attorneys on behalf of the McMichaels.

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