[na_introduce introduce-image=”433″ sub_title=”Meet The Boss” title=”Tea With Tia” des=”Hello! My name is Tia and I’m the founder and creator of Tea With Tia LLC. I founded TWT in December 2016. I am a registered journalist/blogger. I am 31 years-old from Durham, NC. I graduated from Fayetteville State University with a degree in Education and Social Work. I obtained my Master’s degree from Purdue University in Criminal Justice. My team and I, enjoy staying current on what’s happening in the world. I have a joy for reading, writing, and traveling. Find out more about me by following me on social media.” initialize=”Tia Anderson” social_facebook=”https://www.facebook.com/TiaSquires” social_google=”” social_instagram=”https://www.instagram.com/kissmykickssss” social_twitter=”http://www.twitter.com/kissmykickssss_”][na_introduce introduce-image=”439″ sub_title=”meet the team” title=”Tea With Tia Manager” des=”Hello, my name is Breana and I am the Manager of Tea With Tia, LLC. I am in charge of all the business plans and logistics for the blog. I am a 2012 graduate of Fayetteville State University and received a BA in Theatre. I am currently a playwright living in NC. Find out more by following me on social media.” initialize=”Breana C. Venablé” after_initialize=”- Manager” social_facebook=”https://www.facebook.com/breanacvenable” social_instagram=”https://www.instagram.com/breanacvenable/” social_twitter=”https://twitter.com/breanacvenable”][na_introduce introduce-image=”2135″ sub_title=”meet the team” title=”Karis’ Korner” des=”Hello, my name is Karis and I am the Fashion editor of Tea With Tia. I am best known for my instinctive fashion brilliance, jubilant demeanor, and illustrating beautiful stories in creative ways. I hold a BS in Graphic Communications from NC A&T State University (AGGIE PRIDE), a AA in Fashion Marketing, and a MA in Fashion Journalism. By day I work in marketing and I own my own business FLAME as the Creative Director and Stylist.” initialize=”Karis Battle” after_initialize=”- Fashion Editor” social_facebook=”https://www.facebook.com/Princess.Status” social_instagram=”https://www.instagram.com/everything24karis/” social_twitter=”https://twitter.com/Evrythng24Karis”][na_introduce introduce-image=”437″ sub_title=”meet the team” title=”Beyond The Script” des=”Hello, my name is Whitney and I am the Film/TV editor of Tea With Tia. I have spent my life cultivating my love for the Arts. I am a 2011 Speech/Theatre graduate of Fayetteville State University. I am an actress, director, editor, published author, and co-host of the In My Mind podcast. Professionally I work as a customer accounts advocate for a highly ranked telecommunications company. Find out more by following me on social media.” initialize=”Whitney Johnson” after_initialize=”- Film/TV Editor” social_facebook=”https://www.facebook.com/theatrical.johnson” social_instagram=”https://www.instagram.com/empress.whitneymarchelle/” social_twitter=”https://twitter.com/A_True_Thespian”][na_introduce introduce-image=”435″ sub_title=”meet the team” title=”Sports” des=”Hello, my name is William and I am the sports editor of Tea With Tia. I am in charge of keeping up with current sporting events, news. I am a 2013 Graduate of Fayetteville state university where I earned my degree in Criminal Justice and Social work. Professionally I am a behavior analyst coordinator for the “Crest” Day Program. I also play Semi-Professional Football as well. Found out more about me by following me on social media.” initialize=”William Jacobs-Mullins” after_initialize=”- Sports Editor” social_facebook=”https://www.facebook.com/will.jacobsmullins” social_instagram=”https://www.instagram.com/deucedawg99/” social_twitter=”https://twitter.com/DeuceDawg99″][na_introduce introduce-image=”434″ sub_title=”meet the team” title=”Sports” des=”Hello, my name is Jacob and I am the Sports Editor of Tea With Tia. I earned my Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice from Fayetteville State University in 2015. I currently work as an Asset Protection Associate for major retailers. In my free time, I enjoy watching sports, playing video games, and playing football/basketball recreationally. Find out more about me by following me on social media.” initialize=”Jacob Poston” after_initialize=”- Sports Editor” social_facebook=”https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1772395018″ social_instagram=”https://www.instagram.com/mr_202_/”][na_introduce introduce-image=”2548″ sub_title=”meet the team” title=”Entertainment” des=”Hello, my name is Monique and I am the Entertainment and News Editor of Tea With Tia. I am a graduate of American Military University and received a BS in Public Health. I am the creator and co-host of Sipping the Tea and Wine and Conversation Youtube web shows. I also am the host for CEO of CEO(Critic of Everything) podcast. Find out more by following me on social media.” initialize=”Monique Sharpe” after_initialize=”- Entertainment/News Editor” social_facebook=”https://m.facebook.com/pages/category/Journalist/CEO-of-COE-112316120502652/” social_instagram=”https://www.instagram.com/ceo_of_coe/” social_twitter=”https://mobile.twitter.com/mystique1983″]

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