Not All Heroes Wear Capes! 6-Year-Old Saves Sister From A Dog Attack

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Its every young kid’s dream to become a superhero, right? Meet 6-year-old Bridger Walker. On July 9, Bridger’s younger sister was about to be attacked by a dog. 

Bridger jumped in front of his sister and took on the attack himself. His aunt Nicole Walker said that Bridger was a hero.

If someone had to die, I thought it should be me… said Bridger.

Bridger was bitten several times on his face and hand. After he was attacked he grabbed his sister by the hand and ran off with her.

Bridger had to receive 90 stitches and is at home recovering. His Aunt mentions that he is in good spirits and is loving all of the love he is receiving. 

The dog owners are good people and have been more than kind to Bridger during this time, said the family.

A lot of people have reached out to the Walker family asking about a Go FundMe. The family would prefer if you donated to Mission 22 and WWP, organizations that heals wounded veterans.

Bridger’s aunt has called on the Avengers asking that her nephew be added to the line-up. Maybe there is something special that they can do for him. Be sure to tag the Avengers in the comments.

If you would like to send anything to Bridger his contact information is below.

Bridger Walker

P.O. Box 22141

Cheyenne, WY 82003

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