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Kobe and Vanessa Bryant. Photo cred: USA Today
Kobe and Vanessa Bryant. Photo cred: USA Today

Photos were taken of crash victims

According to TMZ, Vanessa Bryant is completely heartbroken over the news that some L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies took photos of the remains of Kobe Bryant, her daughter Gianna Bryant, and the other 7 victims. She wants the deputies to be punished for taking the photos and sharing them.

Vanessa’s lawyer stated that on the day of the crash, Vanessa requested the Sheriff’s Department to make the site a no-fly zone, so that photos of the victims weren’t released by blogs and media. The attorney made it clear that this was of critical importance to Vanessa. She really wanted to protect the dignity of all the victims. 

“It is completely inexcusable and deplorable, an unspeakable violation of human decency” says the lawyer. 

Photos were shared of the crash victims

So not only were the photos taken they were shared too. Some of the deputies took the photos and shared them with numerous of people, kind of like it was a trophy. Law Enforcement sources confirmed that a deputy who was in training took the photos to a bar, and attempted to impress a woman by bragging that he had exclusive images of Kobe Bryant. He showed the woman the remains of the late legend Kobe Bryant’s body. It was the bartender that overheard the conversation, and filed an online complaint with the Sheriff’s Department.

“Mrs. Bryant is grateful to the individual who filed an online complaint exposing these acts of injustice” says the lawyer. The lawyer also adds “Sheriff Alex Villanueva assured us all measures would be put in place to protect the family’s privacy, and it is our understanding that he has worked hard to honor these request”.

NTSB going through the wreckage
NTSB going through the wreckage

Vanessa Bryant wants the harshest possible punishment

NTSB photo of crash wreckage
NTSB photo

Vanessa Bryant understands that photos were taken by the NTSB for investigation and documentation. However what she can’t wrap her mind or heart around is why anyone would take photos of the victims, with the intention to share them.

Days after the deadly crash, the department instructed Deputies who took photos to come to the substation and delete them. If they were to delete them then no actions would be taken. Law Enforcement told TMZ that the Sheriff did not order an internal affairs investigation until the L.A. Times contacted them about the photos.

The lawyer said ” Vanessa wants the harshest possible discipline, and that their identities be brought to light, to ensure that the photos are not further disseminated”

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