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 There’s a genuinely intriguing story at the heart of “For Life,” ABC’s new legal procedural. The show is based on the true story of wrongfully convicted Isaac Wright Jr., who spent years of his unjustly incarcerated life getting his law degree, helping his fellow inmates and, eventually, proving his own innocence. 

What’s the show all about?  

The new TV series For Life premiered on 2/11/2020. It is executive produced by 50 cent. 

Aaron Wallace, a wrongly convicted man serving life in prison has passed the bar and become licensed to practice law. He begins by defending other incarcerated men while gathering as much ammunition needed to try his most complicated case. His own.  

Nicholas Pinnock plays leading man Aaron Wallace and he is definitely a leading man. His resolve and ambition are so clear on the screen. He is strong black man personified and will do everything he can for his clients and for himself.  

Joy Bryant plays his estranged wife Marie. Yes, Joy Bryant from Get rich or die trying. She helps to express such a great contrast, still loving someone and raising children with someone that may never come home, but her home life has some drama as well! Her sympathy for his plight can’t extend far enough to putting her life on hold for him.

Indira Varma plays Safiya, a prison warden who is both progressive in her hopes for change and, perhaps, governed by self-interest too.

These characters keep the show percolating even as its core cases tend to feel, in the show’s first two installments, somewhat flat and unmotivated. It’s perhaps a problem of entertainment driven by its social virtue: If a show’s cause is so righteous as to be for some segment of the audience self-explanatory, then for those people, the explanation feels beyond the point, even didactic. It’s when “For Life” allows itself to be a story that it excels. While it can’t get the early part of the story it rushed past back, it’s worth hoping it relaxes into itself and trusts its audience to understand the stakes as it rolls on.

50 cent of course is making a cameo in the season. I mean If Stan Lee can do it so can 50 lol.

The pilot episode pulls you in immediately and you want to fight right along side him. The show toggles back and forth between Aaron’s personal crusade for his freedom and the cases he takes on for his fellow prisoners. They set you up with a clear understanding of what caused him to be in prison and who he is against.  

I give this pilot… 9 out of 10, because I want to see what else they give us in the season.  You should check this one out. The show airs on Tuesdays 10pm/9pm CT on ABC NETWORK.

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