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Heyyyyy #TeaParty!

Let’s kick this wonderful week off with some music that’s sure to get us up and dancing 💃🏾Sending you good vibes on this Monday

Hot Hears & Heards 🔊👂🏾Whether you’re hearing it for the first time, or you’ve already heard it, #teawithtiamusic is keeping you in the loop with exclusive listens and just plain olé good music 🎶

FUNKADELIC 2021 x NunAfterHours

Indie Rockstar NunAfterHours wakes and shakes us up with the perfect mix for a Tik-Tok dance challenge! This song is fun, flirty, and pop, mixed with some really funky boss bass. FUNKADELIC 2021 is the perfect song to add to your workout and house party playlists!
Instagram: @nunafterhours

Runway x Sitch

Get dressed, clear some space, and walk that walk! R&B loverboy Sitch gives us life with this fun and sexy song. Even if you’re not a Top Model, Sitch sweetly serenades and makes you believe that any path is your runway. You can’t help but to feel yourself, this beat won’t let you sit still!
Instagram: @sitchofficial


Y’all remember Dawn Richard from Dannity Kane (2005-2009) and Dirty Money (2009-2012)?! Well, Sis is still slaying and showing out independently! She takes us back home with her to New Orleans, home of the the Second Line, which is rightfully the title of her new album, set to be released in April 2021. Mardi Gras may be cancelled this year, but Bussifame gives us everything we may be missing!
Instagram: @dawnrichard

All of these songs give a new meaning to Dance Fever with contagious beats that make you move your feet! TIK TOK CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! 🕺🏽
“Tune” in daily for Hot Hears and Heards!

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