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2 Chainz has been trying to get Jay Z on a track for years, and after many failed attempts he is giving up.

2 Chainz released his So Help Me God! album, and he paid homage to Jay-Z with Southside Hov. When he recently appeared on The Breakfast Club on Friday (Nov.13), he discussed his project and Charlamagne Tha God brought up Jay-Z.

While on the show he said he spoke with Jay about the record Southside Hov before including it on the project while also revealing his reason for giving up on a Jay-Z feature.

“Me and Hov cool so I sent him the video when I did it,” he explained. Just to show him the angle that I wasn’t trying to be him, but that was the…since it was a Hov sample and the things that I was talking about in the song, it was some Hov stuff, so I named it ‘Southside Hov.’ But um, he was like, ‘I’m humbled by it.’ It was a cool back-and-forth we had, but I sent him the video as soon as I did it.”

Jay Z has always been an inspiration to 2 Chainz. He spoke about Jay with Apple Music.

“I don’t really have a role model. There are people that I admire how they move. Hov is one of them. Being a very cool individual and knowing how to move in a room full of vultures. I’d be lying if I said there were some parts about the brother I didn’t study.”

For many years, 2 Chainz has been trying to get Jay-Z to bless him with a feature, but it has yet to happen. “As far as trying to get him on something, yes, I’ve given up on that,” said 2 Chainz while The Breakfast Club hosts laughed.

 “I don’t like rejection and I got this little mental thing—the people don’t even know this. People that I deal with don’t even know this, where I might ask somebody something three times over my whole life and secretly, after the third time, I won’t ever, ever, ever probably like [say anything].”

After DJ Envy said he’s more of an “ask twice” and then never ask again type of person, 2 Chainz admitted he’s more of a “twice” person, as well.

“Not even saying that towards Hov, it’s just like…I’ve said it a couple times, even on my bucket list, I said something recently. Being on the Rolling Stone, Obama, Hov… If it happens, it’ll be a blessing, if it don’t happen, it just be something that don’t happen.”

Check out 2 Chainz chatting with The Breakfast Club below. 


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